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Bionetis and bitcoin: a revolution for the future of the craftsmanship and cleaning sector

The global economy is undergoing a digital transformation, pushing businesses to adopt alternative payment methods, such as Bitcoin. Bionetis, a Swiss Romande company specializing in upholstery cleaning, has decided to follow this trend by becoming the first company in this sector to accept payments in Bitcoin.

Why is Bitcoin an attractive payment method?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that enables fast and secure financial transactions through blockchain technology. The popularity of Bitcoin continues to grow, driven by its resistance to inflation, enhanced security, and adaptation to environmental challenges with projects aiming to make it compatible with a zero carbon footprint.

An inflation-resistant currency

Traditional currencies are subject to fluctuations in inflation rates, particularly due to international monetary policy, losing value primarily due to the increase in the quantity of money in circulation and the decrease in their real value compared to goods and services available in the economy.

With Bitcoin, monetary creation is predetermined by the protocol and is therefore less subject to these fluctuations.

It protects against inflation in several ways:

      1. Limited supply: Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin has a limited supply. There can be no more than 21 million bitcoins in circulation. This fixed supply limitation prevents the creation of new bitcoins, creating a mechanism to control inflation.
      2. Deflation: Since the supply of bitcoins is limited, demand can increase over time, leading to an increase in the value of bitcoin. This creates a deflationary phenomenon, where the value of bitcoin increases, and the quantity of goods and services it can purchase decreases. As a result, bitcoin holders can see the value of their money increase over time.
      3. Independence from monetary policies: Bitcoin operates on a decentralized network, meaning it is not controlled by a single entity or central bank. As a result, monetary policies and decisions made by governments do not directly affect the value of bitcoin. This protects bitcoin holders from inflation caused by expansive monetary policies.



    A responsible approach to climate challenges

    The Bitcoin network is working to reduce its environmental impact and become a zero-carbon network. Industry players are working on sustainable solutions to make transaction processing more energy-efficient. The adoption of this green currency aligns perfectly with environmentally responsible initiatives for Swiss businesses.

    A study highlights that 62% of the Bitcoin network is already “zero-emission”

    Another study also shows that Bitcoin consumes 56 times less energy than conventional banking, so using the Bitcoin protocol is an eco-responsible move.

    Bitcoin belongs to everyone and no one

    Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning it is not controlled by a government, company, or central entity. It is managed by a network of peers (nodes) distributed worldwide and who verify and secure transactions.

    Secondly, Bitcoin belongs to no one because there is no single owner. The invention of Bitcoin is attributed to an individual or group of people known as Satoshi Nakamoto, but their real identity remains unknown. However, once Bitcoin was launched, it was adopted by users and contributors worldwide, and no individual or group can claim ownership of the Bitcoin network.

    Finally, Bitcoin ownership is determined by cryptographic keys and Bitcoin addresses. Each Bitcoin user has a pair of keys, a private key and a public key, which allow them to access their bitcoins. The private key is the sole proof of ownership of bitcoins and is held only by the owner. There is no centralized registry recording the ownership of bitcoins, meaning that Bitcoin belongs to no one as long as the private key is not compromised.

    In summary, Bitcoin belongs to everyone and no one due to its decentralized nature, the absence of a single owner, and ownership proof based on cryptographic keys.

    Bitcoin is a revolution:

    Bitcoin functions as digital gold, serving as a digital store of value that is to gold what the light bulb is to the candle or the internet is to the printing press.

    Some advantages of Bitcoin compared to gold:

        1. Portability: Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that can be transferred easily and quickly worldwide. Unlike gold, which is a physical asset, Bitcoin can be stored in digital wallets and traded instantly without the need to physically transport bullion.
        2. Divisibility: Bitcoin is divisible up to eight decimal places, allowing it to be used for small-value transactions. Gold, on the other hand, is generally traded in larger units and can be challenging to divide into small quantities.
        3. Global availability: Being a digital currency, Bitcoin is available for exchange on online platforms worldwide. Access to physical gold can be more limited, depending on its geographical availability and local demand.
        4. Transparency: All transactions made with Bitcoin are recorded in a public blockchain, making them transparent and verifiable by everyone. With gold, transactions can be opaque and difficult to trace.
        5. Transaction fees: Transaction fees for sending or receiving Bitcoins are generally lower than those associated with shipping, securing, and storing physical gold.
        6. Protection against inflation: While gold is often considered a store of value during inflationary periods, Bitcoin offers similar protection. The total quantity of Bitcoins is limited to 21 million, meaning there is a finite supply that cannot be diluted by new issuances as is the case with fiat currencies.
        7. Environmental cost: Unlike Bitcoin, gold can be mined indefinitely, and its extraction has a significant environmental impact, causing ecosystem destruction.
        8. Accessibility: It is much easier to open a Bitcoin account and conduct transactions online than to invest in physical gold, which may require identification, additional storage costs, and logistical constraints.


      Bionetis: a pioneer in Bitcoin payments in the cleaning sector

      With these advantages in mind, Bionetis has chosen to embrace Bitcoin payments by collaborating with Swiss-Bitcoin-Pay, a partner specializing in Bitcoin payment management for businesses.

      Swiss Bitcoin Pay is a recognized Swiss company that offers an online payment solution allowing businesses to accept payments in Bitcoins. They provide services for converting Bitcoins into fiat currency (traditional currency), enabling merchants to easily withdraw their funds. One of the main advantages for merchants using Swiss Bitcoin Pay is the benefit of significantly lower transaction fees compared to Visa or Mastercard. Swiss Bitcoin Pay ensures the security and confidentiality of transactions by utilizing advanced encryption technologies. They also offer responsive customer support to address questions and assist users.

      By adopting this innovative payment method, Bionetis reaffirms its commitment to being a company that embraces digital, technological transformation, and the democratization of Bitcoin.

      Benefits for Customers

          • Anonymity and Confidentiality: Bitcoin transactions are generally considered more anonymous than traditional transactions made with credit cards or bank accounts. Bitcoin users can choose not to disclose their identity during transactions, which can be appealing to those who prioritize privacy.

            • Easy and Fast International Transactions: Bitcoin is a global digital currency that can be used for fast and low-cost international transactions, without being subject to the fees and delays of traditional bank transfers.

              • Protection Against Inflation: The total number of bitcoins that can be created is limited to 21 million, meaning there is a cap on the potential inflation of the currency. Some users consider this as protection against inflation and prefer to hold their assets in bitcoin rather than traditional currency.

                • Support for Small Businesses and Local Shops: Paying with bitcoin can be seen as a way to support small businesses and local shops that accept this digital currency. This can also help stimulate the adoption of bitcoin and encourage other businesses to accept this form of payment.

              Explore the World of Bitcoin through Quality Information Sources:

              To stay informed and deepen your knowledge of Bitcoin, several sites offer excellent content covering this fascinating topic:

                  • PlanB.Network This site brings together a wide range of 100% free training courses, enabling everyone to take an interest in this constantly evolving world. In particular, their BTC101 course is an excellent introduction to the subject”.

                    The site offers a clear and concise introduction to the basics of Bitcoin, explaining how it works, its benefits and how it can be used in everyday life.

                    PlanB.Network provides detailed guides and tutorials to help users get started in the world of Bitcoin, explaining how to create and secure a digital wallet, how to buy and sell Bitcoins, and the various exchange methods.

                    In short, PlanB.Network is a comprehensive and accessible resource that aims to demystify Bitcoin for beginners, helping them to understand the basic concepts and explore the various possibilities offered by this new technology.

                In conclusion, the article highlights the advantages of Bitcoin as a means of payment for customers. This cryptocurrency offers increased security through its blockchain technology, ensuring traceability and transaction security. Additionally, its use eliminates the high transaction fees associated with traditional payment systems. Bitcoin also enables customers to benefit from greater accessibility and easy conversion into different currencies. However, it is important to note that the adoption of Bitcoin as a means of payment requires a good understanding of this cryptocurrency. Despite these challenges, Bitcoin presents an interesting potential as an alternative to traditional payment methods, offering a smoother and more secure user experience for customers.

                Bionetis is at your complete disposal if you would like further information on using Bitcoin as a payment method.

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