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Our general conditions

1. Scope

Subject to mandatory legal provisions to the contrary, the cleaning service is performed
in accordance with these terms and conditions,
which are based on the Swiss Code of Obligations.
Agreements which deviate from this must be concluded in writing.

2. Obligations of the cleaning company

Bionetis undertakes to perform the cleaning service in accordance with the contract and with the
due diligence. The company provides the usual equipment and products necessary for cleaning

3. Client Obligations

The customer must ensure that the premises and other objects to be cleaned are properly cleared to allow the start of cleaning work at the agreed time. The customer is obliged to draw the attention of Bionetis to specific requirements, cases
where the particular characteristics of the premises and have floors or fragile objects,
and the damage they may suffer.

4. Our Warranties

We guarantee during our intervention to do the necessary as much as possible while respecting the supports and materials worked.
We guarantee the price set in our proposals, this includes travel and possible exceeding the period indicated in our offers provided that all information have been transmitted to us.
We guarantee a fair price, established for the benefit of a validated expertise at the Maison Romande de la
We guarantee the smooth running of the work, a worker equipped with
shoes and hands and floor protection during the intervention.
We guarantee the use of certified professional products for surfaces and supports
We guarantee that the surfactants used in our products are in full compliance with the legislation on biodegradability,
according to Regulation 648/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council on Detergents, while ensuring a high degree of protection of the environment and human health.
We guarantee the know-how and expertise of a professional who benefits from 20 years
experience in the field of all-support cleaning.
We guarantee our customers professionalism and punctuality.

5. Reserve Policy

Some tasks contain acidities such as urine, vomit and certain liquids, the textile fibre may be damaged and we may not be able to recover it completely.
Other tasks contain dyes like blood, coffee and some foods, the textile fibre may ber is pigmented and we may not be able to recover it completely.
In the majority of cases and rest assured, we get excellent results on all types of
tasks and support during our interventions.
Some organic stains such as urine cause persistent odors.
For their elimination we use suitable odor-destroying products but it may be that the
urine has flowed into areas inaccessible to cleaning or too deep penetrated the foam or wood structure (untreated) of the furniture and that we cannot totally neutralize them.
In the majority of cases, we manage to make them disappear after using one to two enzymatic odor destroyers in addition to the deep cleaning process.
In cases where we cannot eliminate them completely, they will still be strongly.

6. Claim Policy

Any complaint must be communicated to us within 48 hours after intervention.
Claims made after 48 hours are no longer admissible.
Our services include a second retouching pass if necessary in case of negligence or forget on our part about the treatment of a particular area.

Rules and applicable law
For the settlement of any dispute between the parties to the contract, the court is at the seat of the cleaning company (Lausanne). Swiss law applies.

7. Payment Policy

For our friendly private customers we only accept cash and by Twint at the end of the cleaning works.
We offer payments on invoice at 10 days net for our customers of professionals and individuals in case of agreement.
For payments on account, a late payment interest of 5% will be calculated at maturity.
In partnership with Swiss Bitcoin Pay, we also accept Bitcoin payment for everything for all our custumer.

8. Price

The price is determined based on the information and photos provided during the quotation request.
When the surface to be cleaned is more than 10% higher than the information transmitted for the establishment of our quote, we reserve the right to invoice in addition after oral agreement of the

Unless otherwise agreed, the following items are not included in the price:

The implementation of special protective measures for extraordinary work;
Moving obstructions that are cumbersome and inconvenient to the job;
The additional costs and services required by the execution of work not agreed;
The client can request to modify the mandate by taking charge of the costs resulting from it under
reserves that they are enforceable within the agreed deadlines and after agreement of
Bionetis and its representative.

9. Booking Policy and Cancellation Policy

The confirmation of the cleaning mandate is not established until the client has
given in writing the exact address of the place of intervention.
The cancellation of the cleaning mandate must be communicated in writing before the agreed works.
Beyond this period, the customer will owe a percentage or the entire price agreed as compensation.
We offer the possibility to cancel without charge an intervention reserved and confirmed in writing until
72 hours before the start of the work. Beyond this limit, an amount of the benefit will be due
as follows:

• 50% of the invoice amount if the cancellation is made between 72 hours and 48 hours before the start of the
• 100% of the amount of the “reserved and confirmed” service will be due in case of cancellation of the
works in the 48 hours preceding the intervention.

As Sunday is not a working day, it will not be taken into account for cancellation purposes. Only days from Monday to Saturday will be counted.

10. Responsibilities

The cleaning company is liable for damages that are manifestly the result of gross negligence of
its share, unless it provides evidence that it has taken all the measures necessary to avoid
damage of this nature, or that the damage occurred despite compliance with the measures in question.
Bionetis has a professional RC insurance (sum insured: 250’000). In case
the damage is limited to the cost of the repair, provided that it is possible, or compensation at present value, excluding any other compensation.
The cleaning company is released from its liability when the damage was caused by the customer,
when it is due to defects inherent in the medium, location or circumstances independent of our will.
In case of damage to particularly exposed objects such as marble, parquet, glassware and porcelain, stucco, chandeliers, lampshades, electronic devices and computer data, as well as for any object mentioned as sensitive by the customer, the cleaning company is released from its
liability only if all usual precautions have been taken.
Any damage must be reported immediately to Bionetis following the execution of the

                    CGC – V3 Aug 2023